Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our First Tball Game

We're not supposed to keep score really, but each inning ends when a
team either makes 3 outs, or scores 6 runs, so scoring is necessary.
We just don't tell the kids about it.

Last night, these kids played like they've just been waiting for the
games to start all along. Hitting everything in sight, fielding ground
balls cleanly. Once we figure out how to throw the balls to the bases,
we'll be pros.

In the second inning last night, we got them out 3 times pretty
quickly, with little Billy making 2 consecutive unassisted forceouts
at 3rd base. The opposing coaches were shocked.

The other innings all involved batting around, although we did get
them out twice each time. So on the strength of that 2nd inning, I'm
quite sure we won the 3 inning, 90 minute game by a score of about

I could not be more proud of Theo today. He's not the best player on
the team by far but he tries harder and hustles more than anyone. He
runs after every ball- EVERY ball. There was one play where Theo was
playing next to the pitcher on the first base side. There was a ground
ball to SS which got through to left field. As the kids that were
playing on that side of the infield chased after it, all of a sudden
Theo comes streaking in to left field and almost makes the play. He's
wearing #2 (Jeter) and he's playing like it! He got a hit and scored in all 3 innings, mostly by pure grit & hustle.

The hardest part about coaching Tball is keeping the kids focused on
what is going on. It's a safety thing- kids just a few feet from the
batters box will suddenly be on the floor, facing the wrong way,
playing in the dirt. Seriously, they play in the dirt. It's a constant
struggle to keep them facing towards the batter so that they can, you
know, see where the ball is hit.

No such problems with Theo. He was in every play, running after every
ball. One time I admonished him because he was out of position,
talking to another kid. I found out later that he was explaining what
was going on to the other player.

So yesterday was one of those proud dad days that you can't compare
with anything else in life. I can't wait to see more...