Thursday, August 5, 2010

Entering the Harry Potter Phase

Theo is enamored of Harry Potter. It is SO cool to see him become entralled by the world. We're reading the first book at night, and for the past week he cannot watch the first movie enough times to satisfy his curiosity about everything that is going on. Aunt Ileana provided a Professor Snape model wand, which he fell in love with, until he saw Quentin's Dumbledore wand. That came in the mail for Theo today, and he is keeping it at his bedside table, as he does with only the most precious of his possessions.

The coolest thing to come out of it is that he has suddenly decided that he needs to learn chess (since Harry, Ron and Hermione's knowledge of Wizard Chess figured prominently in Sorcerer's Stone). He sat attentive as I explained how each piece moved and then he surprised me at how well he picked it up.

Between exploring the world of Harry Potter, and getting his bike's training wheels taken off on Tuesday, it has been a busy week for my little big boy!