Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leprechaun Trap

This morning, Theo decided to make a Leprechaun Trap for school. He came up with this design, enticing a leprechaun with a fun slide and a coin at the bottom, which he then constructed with mommy. He even gave the leprechaun a handy ladder to climb up (pilfered from a Playmobil pirate ship). But once the leprechaun got in, he explained, he would be unable to escape!

He brought it to school (he was the only one in his class to make a trap) and when he came back from recess, he found that his trap was filled with lollipops! He gave a lollipop to everyone in his class, as well as some teachers, and still had about 2 dozen left over to bring home.

We decided that the leprechaun must have magically conjured the lollipops, so that he could climb them and escape the trap. Theo said that the leprechaun probably didn't have enough time to take the lollipops with him.

He has some wonderful teachers at that school! The best part is that he is completely convinced that he caught a leprechaun. I don't know at what age they lose their beliefs in magic, fairies, leprechauns and jolly old toy-giving elves, but when I see his face light up I start to believe in a little magic, too.

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