Sunday, July 10, 2011

Corpsey now in critical condition after attempted murder

This morning we finally got the aquarium tank all filled up with filtered water, which meant that we could install the automatic water filter at last. Clean water for "Ron"! Plopped it in, turned it on, and saw how wonderfully the pump took in the slightly cloudy water and removed the fish crap.

A few minutes later, Theo walked to the aquarium and exclaims "Where's my fish??"

So, apparently, we didn't construct the filter correctly. In fact, we missed a critical piece that ensured that the fish wouldn't get sucked into the filter. (By we, I mean Danielle, who constructed the filter, although I was in charge of double-checking her work)

Corpsey (let's go back to calling him that for the time being) was halfway into the filter pump - only his frantically wiggling tail was visible. In an act of heroism, Danielle reached in and yanked poor Corpsey out of the filter pump hole.

Remember Two-Face from the last Batman movie? Yeah, that's what Corpsey looks like right now. It's not a pretty sight, but remember, this fish is a survivor. It's uncanny how perfectly fine he looks from one side, while on the other it's a horror-show.

After the initial shock, he's now swimming around seemingly unaffected. Theo was very hurt by the whole incident but after a little weepiness, he seems OK, too. We found the missing piece of the filter and got that back on. Now we wait and see - another trip to Petco might be in our future for a replacement fish.

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