Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Story of Corpsey

July 4th - most years we go down to Dewey Beach and visit Aunt Suzie for as long as she'll have us. The past few years, we have participated in their neighborhood parade and fair. The fair is basically a bunch of little carnival like games for the young kids to win tickets (which they can trade for prizes).

One of the games is to land a ping-pong ball in one of 2 dozen fish bowls with living goldfish inside, a feat Theo has never yet managed despite multiple tries each year. Really, he's never come close to landing one. This year, he tried and failed with his first 3 ping pong balls, much to our relief. Later, when he had played to the other games, he wanted to try again and we thought there would be no harm, especially since he never even came close the other times he tried, often missing the table altogether.

Of course, on his second ball, he got a swish, and we were the owners of a brand new goldfish in a very small bowl. We dubbed him "Corpsey" because we were sure that either a) he would be the victim of an "accident", probably at the hands of Luke or b) the thing wouldn't last the night, if he even lasted the rest of the fair.

Not only did he make it back to Suzie's house, he devoured the frozen pea dinner we gave him (thanks a lot, Google). He survived the fact that I unknowingly shocked him by plopping him into water of a vastly different temperature. And he survived the next night, too. So now it was time to bring the damn fish home.

No way he's going to survive a 3-4 hour car trip back from the beach, right? Incorrect. He reached our house, safe and peppy. By the next morning, we felt we had to reward his resiliency, so off to the pet store we went.

He now has a real name, "Ron" (after another red-haired survivor), a tank, a filter, real fish food, and a little boy who hopefully is learning responsibility by feeding him. He'll be dead by next week.

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