Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Fish Attempted Murder Story

You may remember the trials of poor Corpsey last summer. The guppies we replaced him with are doing well, actually 3 of them are - the other two died within a month of purchase (one of illness, one of injuries sustained from the other fish). But still, Theo remembers to feed them every morning without prompting and the three remaining guppies (red, yellow and blue) have been living the good life.

Until yesterday.

Being a good fish "grandpa", I decided to clean their tank yesterday. It's a large tank so it was no small feat: moving the guppies to a large bowl to swim in, slowly emptying the water, rinsing all of the pebbles and paraphernalia. I had put all THREE guppies in a large kitchen bowl and placed it on top of our bar in the living room. I checked on them every 20 minutes or so, making sure that they were still alive as I cleaned.

At one point, I checked on them - there were only TWO guppies in the bowl.

It doesn't take long to count to 2. I counted the fish ten times before it sunk in that the blue one (Blue Gill) was missing. Then, like an idiot, I'm searching the bowl, as if a guppy could hide in a kitchen mixing bowl. Again, like an idiot, next thing I checked was to see if one of the 2 remaining guppies had someone eaten the missing guppy. Everybody comes to the living room as I frantically exclaim that a guppy has suddenly, inexplicably gone missing.

And then I see the cat. The fucking cat, sitting on the floor right next to me, licking its paws.

Theo, on the other side of the bar, yells that the fish is on the floor. I ran around to the other side of the bar and found poor limp Blue Gill. I picked it up and threw it back into the bowl.

It had been 20 minutes since I last checked the fish, so Blue Gill could have been outside the tank for quite some time. We had spent at least a minute (maybe two) looking for the poor fish. Blue Gill had plummeted 4 feet to the floor, and who knows what torture the cat might have inflicted on it. I had no hope.

And of course, Blue Gill starts to swim. Not only does it swim, it frantically swims around as if being chased by my demon cat. The other two fish are cowering in fear, traumatized.

We explained to Theo that the chances of Blue Gill surviving were very slim. I guess I didn't learn my lesson about the resiliency of our household fish, because Blue Gill is still alive this morning, swimming normally about with his companions.

Our fish are survivors.