Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Our board game - Nagasaki Plaza (glowforge)

The boys and I have been working on a board game for years. We have tested and honed it, improved every part of it many times over, but I think it will always be a work in progress. One of the reasons I was excited for the Glowforge was that we could fabricate components whenever we wanted.

This game is loosely based on 80s-90s action movies like Speed, Die Hard and Air Force One. I wanted the game to have an office tower (the original name was Tower Seven) and I went through many versions with cardboard and foam board. With the Glowforge, I was finally able to make the tower the game deserved, and that would keep the cards and components organized:

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Baseball Scoreboard (glowforge)

This weekend I made a scoreboard for our baseball team that is designed to hang on a fence. The team names and numbers are all on plates that can be changed out.

The base of the scoreboard is made with 1/4" birch plywood, as is the middle layer that forms the frame. The face is proofgrade maple plywood from Glowforge.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Notebook (glowforge)

This actually came out better than expected on chipboard. I measured the existing covers and quickly replicated it in Designer (after trying a scan/trace and failing). The chipboard is a perfect notebook cover - not too thick or heavy but stiff and sturdy.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Family Sign (glowforge)

Our family sign that sits on our mantle. Made this in December, using sanded plywood as the background and red oak as the lettering.

Ironman Plaque (glowforge)

Another XMas present, this was my first attempt at an acrylic inlay in wood. Lots of trial and error - the shapes within the shapes (O, D, A) were extra hard.

I used cherry hardwood with clear acrylic.

Viticulture insert (glowforge)

Yesterday we finished up a session of one of my favorite games, Viticulture, with the “Tuscany” expansion I received for XMas. I found myself wishing that everything would fit in one box. Glowforge to the rescue!

I have been loving the box maker at http://www.festi.info/boxes.py/TypeTray1
Designing inserts to better fit game components seems to be very relaxing for me for some reason. Lots of math and measuring clears the mind.

Everything now fits neatly in one box, which has allowed me to ditch the annoying plastic insert the game came with, as well as the second box.

Everything was made from 3mm Baltic Birch ply bought from Woodpeckers/Amazon. I want to change the box with the large cards to have holes on the sides so that you can grab the cards easily, and maybe a tray to separate the coin values. Those are my main regrets.

SVG Files

Beer 4-pack (glowforge)

I made a couple of these beer 4-packs as XMas gifts and will make more as time permits. It's a fun gift to make. I used 1/4" red oak ply from Home Depot for most of these, although I used birch ply in the one pictured.

Baseball Clock (glowforge)

This clock was my Christmas present from T., who worked on this in secret for days. It's a pretty big piece and he was learning Affinity Designer as he went (since he prefers Fusion 360). Our baseball team is called the Storm, and we constantly joke about the rain cloud that follows me around on game/practice days so this clock is perfect!

To Do Board (glowforge)

My favorite project thus far, a to-do board for myself and the kids. This has 3 separate layers, with cheap Baltic Birch in the back and proofgrade Maple up front. The task pieces are birch. My friend aptly described it as "Artisanal Trello" ;)

Death Star Earrings (glowforge)

T. made these Death Star/Baseball earrings for his friend's birthday, along with an earring stand. The earrings are made out of 2-tone silver/black acrylic from Inventables.

Miniature Drum Pad (glowforge)

L designed and made this miniature drum pad with some baltic birch and a double layer of EVA foam. He designed this completely by himself in Affinity Designer - could not be prouder!

SVG File

Meeple Coasters (glowforge)

I thought I would start posting some of our favorite creations with the Glowforge. This was a design shared in the Glowforge community. These are a permanent fixture in our dining room, on our game table.

SVG File

Kitty Ornaments (glowforge)

Another XMas present, on proofgrade Walnut.

SVG File A & B

IIE Ornament (glowforge)

This was an ornament I made as a gift - it has the logo of Danielle's unit at AU. It's proofgrade maple inset into clear acrylic. Getting the kerf just right took some trial and error.

Terraforming Mars boards (glowforge)

This was a design we found on Thingiverse, very quick and easy make with draftboard and EVA foam. Makes the game so much easier to play, since we no longer knock our pieces around.

SVG Files: Chipboard Foam