Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Baseball Mitt (glowforge)

Coach Rey gave me the idea to see if the Glowforge can engrave a baseball mitt. It was a real pain to get it flat - which may be mostly because I decided to try a catcher's mitt first.

Used the leather proofgrade settings, set the height of the object by seeing how much higher it was than the tray, and it worked perfectly!

The engraving is really clean and not too deep.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Iris Box draft (glowforge)

First attempt at an Iris Box, made with 3mm baltic birch. It's a lot larger than I was anticipating! I used soap on the screws and in the grooves so it could open easily. It also falls apart too easily if you flip it upside down - I think I can make the screw holes smaller to prevent that.

Instructions came from an Instructables project.

D&D Character Sheet Clipboard (glowforge)

T made this for his friend's 14th birthday. It's sized to hold a 8.5"x11" sheet of paper in the middle, the character sheet his friend uses for their Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The engraving is his friend's character.

This was our first attempt at graphic engraving at this detail and it worked out pretty well (after a few false starts). The trick was to make the graphic light enough so it didn't engrave too deeply into the wood.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Switch holder (glowforge)

This is the kind of everyday thing we use our Glowforge for. L's gecko has two lights on top of his cage, one for light, one for warmth. The lights we purchased have the most annoying cords with the switches at the least convenient spot on those cords.

L has to deal with it daily, so he wanted to make something that would help him keep those switches accessible. 10 minutes of design, 2 minutes of cutting and we have a solution:

It has held the cords/switches in place for 2+ weeks without fail and L's gets to reap the benefits of something he made every day.